Telephony, PBX and collaboration

Telavox Flow

Effective communication

Flow has everything you need to communicate and collaborate simply with customers and colleagues – it’s your corporate telephony, PBX, video and chat combined in one cloud-based solution. We think it should be just as simple to use phone and PBX services as it is to use your private digital services. That’s why we developed Flow. The service is easy to adapt to your needs – in Flow you can handle all your own administration.


Licences make things simpler

With Flow we have replaced contracts with licenses. The licenses are not tied to a specific person, but can be moved around as required. This means you never have to think about cancelling or setting up new telephone contracts. You can take care of the administration yourself online. Clever, isn’t it?


All colleagues gathered in an app

In our apps, you can connect calls, open and close the switchboard, chat with colleagues, see who is calling even if the contact is not saved, make cheaper calls abroad and much, much more. It makes no difference which platform you are using. It is just as simple and synced everywhere.


Your personal Advisor

At Telavox all customers have a personal Advisor. Your Advisor is your dedicated contact, who will help you with everything from technical implementation to questions about billing and day-to-day support. He or she is intimately familiar with your company’s needs and your chosen Telavox solution, and will ensure that you and your colleagues have exactly what your company requires, at all times. Just as it should be.


Pick and mix your own PBX services

When there are changes in your company, telephony and PBX solutions are affected. New users should be added and departments and responsibilities changes. We have spent a lot of time being able to offer real-time self-administration. Flow admins environment is the same as our own advisor’s in which you can be completely self-sufficient when it comes to supporting and changes to your own solution.

FLOW Widget

Website widget

Level up your web customer service with the Flow website widget, showing your number and live queue information. A widget for your website. It displays your company’s contact information, opening hours and wait time in the call queue. This increases your availability, boosts communication and generates more satisfied customers and business opportunities.