All employees are welcome in Flow's new chat room

08 February 2018

On Telavox we always strive to boost the collaboration and communication between colleagues. This is why we are working hard to develop the absolute best chat solution. Now we are launching a new chat feature in Flow - open chat rooms, fresh from the development team.

What are open chat rooms? 
Open chat rooms are subject-based chat rooms, which everyone at work can see and follow. The chat rooms are great for sharing information that may be important or interesting to your colleagues. The idea of open chat rooms is that it is easier to direct information to the right person. As a user, you choose which chat rooms you want to join.

How can you use the new feature?
Start an open room where you and your colleagues give each other tips or a room where you talk about lunch plans. For example, internally at Telavox we have one chat room with management information, one for product development, one for board games and one for Hearthstone.
How to create an open chat room? Open the web app -> click the ball with a plus sign on it -> click on the globe -> Create new public room. Go crazy.

Post, just like on Facebook?Instead of writing a chat message, you can post just like on Facebook. Your colleagues' likes and comments will then be linked directly to the post, avoiding spam in the chat.
How to add a post?Open the web app -> choose the chat room where you want to add a post -> move the mouse pointer over the message arrow, you will see the icon and "Create new post" option. Ta-da!

"All colleagues room"?
This is a chat room that we are currently testing ourselves and that all companies with less than 20 employees will soon get automatically. The purpose of the "All colleagues room" is that ALL those in the company (including colleagues added in the future) are automatically included and the room cannot be left, which is good when you want to make sure all employees receive important information.