Flow mobile app – your best friend

12 February 2018

Flow Mobile App is one of Telavox’s most popular products according to our latest customer survey. No surprise there, as we take our mobiles everywhere today. For those of you who have yet to discover this pearl, the purpose of Flow mobile app is to make your life easier. You can handle most things using the mobile app – on the train, in the waiting room or before the yoga class. Couldn’t’t be easier.

Chat as much as you like
Chat is one of most valuable features of the mobile app.. Keep unnecessary e-mails out of your inbox and send short messages instead and get quick replies. In Flow, you chat one to one or in open/closed groups. We will store your chat history for 24 months.

Makdae cheaper calls?
When, as a Flow customer, you make a call using the mobile app, you can choose which call method to use. If you are abroad and connected to a WiFi network you should choose “Call using VoIP”. Your call will then go over the Internet rather than the mobile network. This means that the charge will be the same as if you were calling from Sweden.

Create a profile?
Using profiles, you can give colleagues and customers relevant information, for example that you are gone for lunch, on holiday, in a meeting, and so on. You can choose which number should be displayed externally. For instance, when you are off work your mobile number will be displayed and when you are at work your fixed-line number will be displayed. You can also choose to indicate numbers from which calls that should always be put through (if your partner is about to give birth, for example).
In control?Managing your PBX through the mobile app is easy: connect a call, open and close the PBX with a click or schedule a time.

Keep track of your customers
The mobile app also offers smart statistics. How long do your customers wait in a call queue before you and your colleagues answer? With the statistics feature in the mobile app, you can find out what your queue is like.

How much data is left?
Is your connection slow? This could be because your data is about to run out. In the mobile app you can easily see how much you have used and buy more data for surfing.

Download the app here