For the barista, tradesman, doctor and anyone else who uses a phone at work

02 November 2018

We can't build kitchens, bake buns or cure nasty colds. But we can offer Flow, a communication service that makes life easier for both you and your customers.

Telavox advisor Nanna Hedman is responsible for 270 customers in various industries who call and write to her about things both big and small. All customers are different and that is precisely the difference that is crucial to how Flow can help. Here Nanna explains how Flow can easily give your customers a better experience, with examples from four different industries. 

Bricklayers, painters, window cleaners, cleaning staff and everyone else who has their hands full at work knows how difficult it is to keep on top of the telephone with everything else going on. If you have someone in the office, he or she can of course transfer calls between colleagues. However, if you do not have that luxury, a good investment is to record a pleasant welcome message with a voicemail that is listened to and continuously followed up on.

GP receptions
We have all tried to get hold of a doctor, without success. The window for calling is only an hour and a lot of people call in that time. Either you get the engaged tone or get stuck in a mile-long queue. Here, the function that allows the patient to leave the telephone queue and be called back, makes a big difference. The person does not even have to leave their name and telephone number, Flow takes care of that.

Hotels and restaurants
Do you run a hotel, a bar or a cozy little café? Then button selection is an important feature. Press 1 to make a reservation, press 2 to book a hotel room, press 3 to speak to the reception. Both you and your customers save time and energy by making it easy for guests to reach the right person. It is also important that you are able to disconnect your mobile phone number from the cloud exchange at the end of your shift, so you avoid being called by bar guests in the middle of the night.

Customer support
A support department is often accessed by a main number and has many callers. A good idea here is to really familiarise yourself with how the cloud exchange is configured in order for the calls to be transferred as efficiently as possible. The cloud exchange in Flow is very easy to administer yourself, but with a couple of hours of training from your Telavox advisor, you will get an even better overview of the features and users that need to be managed. In addition, you can use the feature that allows you to record calls. These can then be used as documentation or as a training tool for new employees.