How to get more Flow at work 2018

16 February 2018

For many people, a new year can mean new habits - a perfect opportunity to introduce fresh job routines and improve customer service. Here are some tips for using Flow to get 2018 off to a flying start.

Most things are easier in the app

Open and close the PBX, connect calls, view call statistics in real time, chat with colleagues and add surfing. All Flow users have access to the app, but many people don’t use it. Download the app right away and tell your colleagues to do the same.

Stop emailing and chat instead

There is nothing so stressful as coming in to a full inbox. But there’s a simple solution: use chat more! It's easy and fast and you and your colleagues will avoid getting spammed. Here you can read more about why chat is an unbeatable communication tool.

Choose your own ringtone for Telavox Desktop

The softphone rings in the open plan office, but who is it for? The Advisor team has received several requests to be able to change the ringtone in the softphone, so everyone’s phone does not sound the same. This wish has been met. You can now enter Telavox Desktop and choose your own ringtone.

For Mac: Telavox Desktop > Settings > Sound > Ringtone 

For PC: File > Preferences > Sound > Ringtone

Better service for your customers

With a small adjustment you can give your customers even better service on the phone. If you and your colleagues are unable to answer, don’t send the customer straight to voicemail. Instead, offer them a choice: leave a message, wait while the line is busy, or be connected to another number. The change can be made under Users in Flow Admin.

More contact channels for your customers

Flow Widget is easy to install on your website, it is free and user-friendly and the settings are easily adjusted in Flow Admin. It displays your company’s contact information, opening hours and wait time in the phone queue in real time. With the widget you will be easy to reach, you won’t risk missing a sale and you will make it easier for your customers by offering more communication channels into your business.

Do you find these suggestions helpful? Please forward to your colleagues.