More ways for CoolStuff's customers to make contact with Flow Widget

25 September 2018

We have checked the reception for Flow Widget and interviewed CoolStuff's customer service manager, Pajtesa Zhuta. CoolStuff is one of our Friendly Users (test customers) who have been testing it since October.

What's the best thing about Flow Widget?
Primarily it makes things easier for our customers because there are several ways to contact us while viewing real-time statistics. These are the number of people in the queue or the average waiting time.

Is it user friendly?
I really appreciate that you can do so much yourself without having to contact customer service . I simply log on to the portal, update and make changes without waiting for someone else to do it. The flexibility is fantastic.

Was it difficult to install?
My colleague installed it before I started here. My subjective assessment is that he is semi-technical, but did it himself. It does not seem to be an advanced system.

Is there anything you miss?
Not directly; the phone function did not work well during the first week, but you fixed it fast.

See Flow Widget on CoolStuff’s homepage.

From left in the picture: Anne Scherf, Pajtesa Zhuta, Janita Kristoffersen.