Satisfied customers = flourishing business

15 February 2018

Did you know that studies show that poor customer service is spread to twice as many ears as good customer service? This means that a customer who has experienced poor service is twice as likely to tell his friends and acquaintances than a customer whose experience was positive.

So it’s incredibly important to offer good customer service, no matter how big or small your company is. It’s just as vital to spend time on less satisfied customers, in order to make them happier. Not just because you’re afraid that they might stop buying or using your products, but also to prevent poor customer service from becoming a hot topic that might be spread virally and on social media.

The Flow app gives you a switchboard function and a statistics tool to show how long your customers had to wait before your colleagues answered. An American Express Survey showed that 67 per cent of all Americans have hung up in frustration that they did not manage to get through to a company.

Sverre Mauritz, Service Manager of Nordic Service Group Norway, is impressed at how well Flow works.

- First of all, it doesn’t take much effort to set up the service, after which the switchboard function works like a dream. The phones are always manned, even if we’re attending a course for a few days, or our receptionist is off sick. You just need to click on one button for the switchboard to be manned by an available employee, he says.

Flow offers a statistics tool that shows you how long your customers had to wait for a response – and how long the call lasted. The tool allows you to e.g. check how many calls were answered within one minute, and so on. If the statistics show over 80 per cent, you can congratulate yourself!

No excuse for poor service
Flow Widget is linked to your website and shows in real time whether you can be contacted by phone, how long the call queue is, and your opening hours. Pajtesa Zhuta, customer manager at Cool Stuff, emphasises that their company couldn’t manage without this service:

-It makes life easier for our customers since there are several ways to contact us. The widget also tells them the number of people in the queue and the average queue time, she says.

In other words, there’s no excuse for having dissatisfied customers, since we've made it easy for you to provide better customer service.