What first impression do you give your customers when they call?

19 September 2018

A large company can be perceived as amateurish if the welcome message customers hear when they call has poor sound quality, is impersonal or contains incorrect information. On the other hand, a friendly and well-considered message can allow a small company to be perceived as important and professional.

Here, our Advisor Nanna Hedman gives you 7 tips on how to record the very best welcome message to impress your customers.

7 tips 👌

– Before recording: write a script that you can refer to if you become unsure or lose focus. 

– Take inspiration from the welcome messages of other companies. What do they say that works?

– Try to adapt the message for your target audience. What stimulates them?

– Speak loudly, clearly and slowly. There is no need to feel under pressure. 

– Make sure you are in a quiet, sound-proofed room so there is no background noise that can interfere with the recording.

– Make sure your company’s working hours are stated when you are closed.

– Listen to the message when you’ve finished. Are you happy with it? If not, simply record it again.

Good luck!